About Us


Bartè R&B stands in the lively city centre of Faenza, the City of Ceramics, in a historic bulding dating back to the 1700s that I call home. Within these ancient walls, you will find three large rooms to stay in and to wake up with the scent of one of my homemade cakes.

Bartè is not just a strategic place to sleep... It will give you a 360° experience in a friendly city that you can visit on foot or by bike, going around museums, architectural beauties and food and wine specialties.

I'm completely available for my guests: I'll try to make your stay as pleasant as possible, staying at your disposal for information on the city of Faenza, public transports, tourist itineraries and one-day trips. I will inform you about events, news and give you my personal reccomendations on the best pubs and restaurants in town.
Do you have any special needs? Do not hesitate: just ask!


Why "Bartè"? The Berrettino style (Bartè in our dialect) is among the main decorative style of Faenza ceramics. It is characterized by its gray-blue shades and for the presence of garlands, fruits and arabesques. It may be of oriental inspiration and it spread out among the artisans of Faenza in the 1500s and you can still find it in the pottery shops.

Historical notes: The most precious element of the house is the gallery under Via Contradino, built in 1778. It is one of the few surviving tunnels among the many more that existed. It is probably from these tunnels, which linked several houses together, that the legend of the galleries under Faenza was born, still very widespread and popular.

Art and patronage: My uncle at his death left about 40 contemporary paintings at the "Pinacoteca di Faenza" (the art gallery of the municipality). This beautiful collection of incredible value includes works by De Chirico and Savinio, which I recommend to visit.

Near Us

  • Piazza del Popolo (2 mins walk), the main square, where you can find the Municipality Building, the Cathedral, the Diocesan Museum and the theatre (a beautiful Italian theatre, Teatro Masini)
  • Palazzo Milzetti (5 mins walk), National Museum of Neoclassicism
  • Pinacoteca Comunale (5 mins walk), the art gallery of the municipality
  • Museo Carlo Zauli (15 mins walk)
  • MIC - International Museum of Ceramics (15 mins walk)